How to Dispose of your Christmas Tree

How to Dispose of your Christmas Tree - Fairfield County Dumpster Rental Fairfield CT

Christmas holiday cheer brings a buzz to your home, from colorful and beaming ornaments to gatherings and giving gifts. But who isn’t exhausted once the holiday is over and you’re left with Christmas decorations to take down and garbage to dispose of? And don’t forget – your live Christmas tree isn’t one of those décor […]

How to Recycle Properly

How to Recycle Properly - Fairfield County Dumpster Rental, CT

Recycling has become a must-do for all of us today as well as for the coming generations. We’ve known that we should do it for so long, yet many of us still can’t do it the right way because we’re unaware of the process. As a result, every day, we accumulate tons of trash, both […]

Items You Cannot Put in a Dumpster

Toxic Substances - Fairfield Dumpster Rental.

If you keep throwing away items that could have been recycled or repurposed, your waste bins will likely fill up faster and overflow before being collected. This results in clogged streets, foul odors, and adverse health and environmental consequences. Moreover, waste segregation laws are enforced in every state so that you could face fines or […]

Questions to Ask When Comparing Dumpster Rental Companies

Comparing Dumpster Company - Fairfield County Dumpster Rental

Dumpsters have become an important part of modern life. They are used to collect and remove waste materials from large construction sites, businesses, and homes. With the growing number of companies offering dumpster rental services, comparing them can be challenging. First, you need to be careful about how you approach the subject of renting a […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home


Spring is a perfect time for an annual home cleaning. Cleaning is an essential part of everyone’s life, especially for those living with allergies. In avoiding diseases caused by viruses or bacteria, it may be necessary to clean more often than just each spring. May spring cleaning be the first step for you to eventually […]

Dumpster Bags vs. Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Bags vs. Dumpster Rental - Fairfield CT Dumpster Rental

The unwanted wastes and debris are piling up. Now, you need some help getting rid of it without making multiple trips to your local landfill. You’ve seen dumpster bags and roll-off dumpsters around your neighborhood, and now that you’re considering these two options – dumpster bags and dumpster rental. Now, you’d want to know the […]

How to Load a Dumpster Efficiently

dumpster rental newtown ct

The amount of debris and waste you can put into a dumpster will rely on how you fill it and how you maximize the space. While waste removal services will often give the estimated capacity for every container, this will not mean much unless you utilize the dumpster effectively. The tips we listed below will […]

How To Properly Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste

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We are all aware that proper waste disposal is part of a global campaign to protect our environment. This is always imposed, particularly when it comes to hazardous waste. The accumulation of such waste at home may pose a serious threat to the household. However, the question of how one should dispose of these hazardous […]

8 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Dumpster


Renting a dumpster is an excellent way to dispose of all your waste. Whether you have a construction project or home remodeling – dumpster services will save you from spending too much disposal costs.  To alleviate any risks when investing in a dumpster rental, one must learn how to effectively coordinate with the company. Renters […]

How Much Does A Dumpster Rental Cost?

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Want to dispose of your trash? Rent the best dumpsters in town! We at Fairfield County Dumpster Rental offer various types and sizes to suit your needs. Our team also made this guide to give you an idea of dumpster rental prices. The key components of the cost of renting a dumpster are the size of the […]