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Items You Cannot Put in a Dumpster

If you keep throwing away items that could have been recycled or repurposed, your waste bins will likely fill up faster and overflow before being collected. This results in clogged streets, foul odors, and adverse health and environmental consequences. Moreover, waste segregation laws are enforced in every state so that you could face fines or reprimands for irresponsible garbage disposal.

That is why, to avoid additional fees, it is crucial to know what cannot be thrown away in a dumpster. Items that are prohibited may differ depending on your location and container type. For instance, a roll-off dumpster, rented for one-time projects such as a remodel, has different constraints than commercial dumpsters, which are designed for regular pickup at a business.

The following are types of waste that you cannot dispose of in a dumpster:

Restricted Items

1. Adhesives

Adhesives - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Adhesives such as cement, mucilage, paste, glue, or epoxy should be disposed of in the same manner as regular household trash or recycling rather than in a roll-off dumpster. Loose adhesives can damage the container, and when combined with debris, they become more difficult to remove.

2. Car batteries

Car batteries - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Car batteries, such as lithium batteries, cannot be disposed of in a dumpster as they will emit hazardous chemicals. To be sure, take old car batteries to a limited recycler or an auto shop. Phone batteries, rechargeable camera batteries, and lithium batteries found in laptop/tablet batteries can be reused at most electronic retailers. Moreover, you can throw alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, D, and so on in a dumpster.

3. Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent Bulbs - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Fluorescent bulbs can’t get into the dumpster because it contains trace amounts of mercury. Many areas prohibit the disposal of those items, while others require that they be appropriately reused. Thus, states such as California, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington must have recycling bins.

4. Food Waste

Food Waste - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

It is commonly excluded from roll-off dumpsters because it can attract rodents or cause a swarm within the container. When disposing of large amounts of food waste, consider using municipal trash services or sending the waste to a nearby composting facility.

5. Freon

Freon - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators cannot be disposed of in dumpsters unless the Freon is removed by a professional. Local sanitation departments will usually collect freon-containing appliances as part of their mass debris pickup list. Besides this, some retailers will accept your old appliances if you buy a replacement.

6. Railroad Ties and Telephone Poles

Telephone Pole - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Railroad ties and telephone poles are considered hazardous wood preservatives and are strictly prohibited in dumpsters. However, some landfills will accept complete railroad ties. To recycle railroad ties, try contacting organizations like Habitat for Humanity, local businesses looking for landscaping supplies, or a car parking bumper.

7. Tires

Tires - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Tires are not permitted in most landfills since they trap gases and take a long time to decompose. So, Instead of throwing tires in the trash, contact your local auto parts store or a tire dealership. Look for a local recycler who can use your old tires to make asphalt and other industrial applications.

8. Household Cleaners

Chemical Product - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Chemical cleaners and even solvents should never be thrown away. You can only throw empty containers in your dumpster if they have been thoroughly cleaned and have no chemical residue.

9. Oils, Fuels, and Propane Tanks

Propane Tanks - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

When thrown in a dumpster, propane tanks, gasoline, fuels, alcohol, oils, and other flammable materials pose a serious safety risk. These are highly flammable materials, and it is illegal in most places to dispose of them improperly. Contact a propane company, a local fire department, or even a hazardous materials collection center to learn how to dispose of these items properly.

Hazardous Waste

1. Toxic Wastes

Toxic Wastes - Fairfield Dumpster Renta

Toxic materials can be dangerous if ingested or applied to the skin. What’s more, if toxic wastes are not properly treated, they can cause serious eye or skin irritation, respiratory problems, and even infection of local ecosystems or watersheds. Some examples are pesticides, coolants, and medicines.

2. Flammable or Ignitable Wastes

Flammable - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Flammable or ignitable wastes can easily start fires or rapidly spread an existing fire, thus necessitating that they must be disposed of properly. A small spark from a garbage truck or an ignited cigarette will cause an explosion in just a few minutes. Some examples are kerosene, matches and flares, fuel, and cleaning solvents.

3. Corrosive Wastes

Corrosive - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Corrosive wastes are extremely acidic materials that can cause severe skin damage and wear down metal containers such as dumpsters and trash cans. If not disposed of properly, they are not only hazardous to waste workers but also to the environment, as they will contaminate or even pollute groundwater and kill marine life. Some examples are oven cleaner, chlorine bleach, and automotive lead-acid batteries.

4. Reactive Wastes

Reactive Wastes - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Reactive wastes are erratic and may blast under normal pressure, normal temperatures, or water exposure. The heat from a landfill or garbage truck compressor may increase the chances of these compressed gases exploding or releasing toxic fumes. Some examples of reactive wastes are ammunition, fertilizer, and oxygen tanks.

5. Biohazardous Waste

Biohazardous Waste - Fairfield Dumpster Rental

Biohazardous waste contains potentially virulent materials or substances, such as blood, animal waste, and bodily fluids. Sharp wastes, like blades, needles, and other wastes that will cause injury during handling, are of particular concern too.

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