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About Wilton, Connecticut

Wilton is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. It is a residential community with open spaces, old structures such as the Round House, and numerous colonial residences. Wilton blends a rural, expansive, and woodsy ambiance with a compact small town core. Its proximity to a range of bigger-town facilities in adjacent cities offers the convenience of a larger town without sacrificing school quality or public safety. Access to the natural environment (hiking, wildlife and conservation areas, etc.) is great, and most people like the low-key calm rural lifestyle that Wilton provides, while having all contemporary comforts nearby. Wilton is easily accessible through the Merritt Parkway and RT 95, and it has two rail stops with free parking. 

Wilton may appear to be just another little colonial village at first look. However, after a time, you come to enjoy its quirky local idiosyncrasies and endearing personality. Wilton has picture-perfect landscape in every season, making it ideal for anybody who likes taking in spectacular vistas. There are also plenty of vast open spaces that are ideal for families that like outdoor activities. 

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In keeping with the small town vibe, the Wilton Historical Society hosts a farmer’s market on Wednesdays from June to October. The town hosts an annual concert, featuring musicians from the town, with proceeds donated to the local food pantry and the Connecticut Food Bank.

Dumpster Rental Service for Any Size Cleanup Projects

Fairfield County Dumpster Rental can meet your waste disposal needs. Our dumpster rental services are ideal for both homeowners and contractors that need a quick way to dispose of big volumes of garbage and debris. We are inexpensive to all budgets and provide quick delivery to nearly any home or commercial site.

Wilton CT Commercial Dumpster Rental Fairfield County

Fairfield Dumpster Rental provides dumpster rentals in Wilton and the surrounding region for home renovations, construction waste, garage cleanup, and other projects. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our service, so order today and let us dispose of your trash quickly and efficiently. 

We can handle your domestic garbage, building waste, and even large items, such as construction and remodeling projects. Consult with one of our expert service professionals to determine the best roll off dumpster for the task. We’ll process your order promptly, arrange it for delivery as soon as possible, and bring it directly to your door. Once you’ve filled it with all your trash, all you have to do is contact us back and we’ll come get the dumpster right away.