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Shelton’s history had not been as smooth as other towns have. Being the site of the largest arson fires in the history of the United States, the town’s industry gradually declined. The Sponge Rubber Products plant was the first of the fires and occurred in 1975. Unfortunately, it was not an accident but was planned by the very top officials of the company themselves. This marked the beginning of Shelton’s decline of industries.

After such tragic events of factories either closing up or relocating to safer, cheaper areas, Shelton was able to recover. Through the newly-built Route 8, the town gained its reputation back and was again an attractive place for a new business to be rebuilt. This was because Shelton offers low costs of doing business compared with other neighboring areas like Greenwich or Stamford.

Since then, over 2,000,000 square feet were used by R.D. Scinto Corporation alone for the construction of 12 buildings spread throughout Shelton. It was the perfect timing for the revitalization of its nineteenth-century industrial buildings. Yet, those that are beyond repair were replaced with Shelton’s Veteran Memorial and a farmer’s market.

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What to Expect in Shelton

Over the years, many things happened in Shelton, both good and bad. The Rockefeller Christmas tree has been selected in Shelton twice. In 2007, a tree from Southview Avenue was selected, while in 2013 one was selected from Kazo Drive. In 2008, the movie All Good Things had one scene shot on Canal St. in downtown Shelton, particularly underneath the train trestle. 

The EF1 tornado that hit Shelton on July 31, 2009, brought a wind speed of 95 to 105 miles per hour and blew down a lot of trees in Oronoque Trail. Such was considered as the biggest damage the tornado made in the town although there were no casualties reported.

Rockefeller Christmas Tree Fairfield County Dumpster Rental Shelton CT

Among the beautiful things to see in Shelton are its wonderful recreation spots like the two private golf courses. The Highland Golf Club of Shelton and the Brownson Country Club were popular places for golf lovers in the area. Annual competitions are held wherein the winners of those 9-hole and 18-hole courses will be given the “Mayor’s Trophy”. Highland has reigned as the champion and the holder of the trophy since 2009.

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Shelton, like any other town, can only be as successful as how its residents can take care of the garbage around. If people knew the right way to collect and dispose of their trash, everything would look better. Despite the tragic events in Shelton’s past, there should be no hindrance to its further development.

Cleanliness doesn’t only keep away harmful illnesses, but it can also eliminate the bad vibes and negativities in the area. Fairfield County Dumpster Rental Services is very happy to assist in keeping the town beautiful and clean. We are just a call away!

Our team of professional associates will lend you a hand at knowing which size of the dumpster is suitable for your trash removal project. We can set the right schedule for the delivery and pickup of your dumpsters. If you need a dumpster nearby regularly, Fairfield County Dumpster Rental got it ready for you, too. We perform a regular pickup and return of your permanent dumpsters whenever you think it is necessary. 

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Being in the dumpster rental services for quite a long time, Fairfield County Dumpster Rental will never put its reputation in danger. We keep our promise of a stress-free, budget-friendly service to everyone who needs help with garbage disposal. When you call us, we’ll make sure to note down all your expectations and worries about the project. 

If you are not sure of which dumpster to request, we’re happy to assist you in determining what size would be suitable for your project. Not having a perfect size will just cost you more than you expect. Let our experts handle this for you. Contact us at 203-902-0082 and get instant pricing and availability details. Book an appointment today in just a few minutes.