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What are the sizes of dumpster I can use?

The size dumpster that you use is based on the type of project that you have. We offer a variety of sizes which include:

10 – yard dumpsters
15 – yard dumpsters
20 – yard dumpsters
30 – yard dumpsters
40 – yard dumpsters

Size based on project

10 -yard dumpster good for minor remodeling projects, small room cleanouts, and yard waste removal.
15-yard dumpster best for room remodels small home cleanouts and small landscaping projects.
20- yard dumpster is best for residential junk removal, roof material disposal, small construction projects.
30 – yard dumpster is often used for tree removal, cleanouts, mid-sized construction jobs.
40 – yard dumpsters are best for whole-house remodeling, construction and demolition projects, and estate cleanouts.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Dumpster Rental Wilton CT

Most people will rent a dumpster for 10-14 days. It will depend on the location, availability, and demand, rental periods can usually be extended for an additional fee. If you keep the dumpster longer than you have booked it for, you will be charged an additional fee for each day over the day you booked it.

Homeowners often use a dumpster for: junk removal, landscaping projects, cleanouts, and remodeling and renovations. Commercial and Construction businesses often use a dumpster for roofing material, yard waste removal, construction, and demolition.

Yes, a commercial front load dumpster is what is generally rented out on a long-term basis. You will be billed every month. Your delivery date will be noted and it is the date that your credit card will be processed.

The cost of the dumpster will depend on various factors, which include the size, weight of debris, location, type of debris, amount of time needed.

Most dumpster rental companies, including Fairfield County Dumpster Rental, accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, debit cards.

You cannot put hazardous chemicals or anything else that can damage the container. Other items that can’t be placed in our dumpsters include car batteries, freon, hot water tanks, inks and resins, oils, fuels, and propane tanks, and other items. Ask us for a list of prohibited items and we’ll be happy to provide it to you.

We won’t retrieve the dumpster until you have contacted us. You will need to call and schedule a pickup before or the day before the last day of use. If you don’t call before the last day of the rental period, you will be charged for an additional day of use. If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact one of our associates. They are here to assist you in making an informed decision about the size dumpster that you should rent. Contact us for a free consultation before booking a dumpster. You’ll be glad that you did!