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How to Dispose of your Christmas Tree

Fairfield County Dumpster Rental Fairfield, CT - How to Dispose of your Christmas Tree

Christmas holiday cheer brings a buzz to your home, from colorful and beaming ornaments to gatherings and giving gifts. But who isn’t exhausted once the holiday is over and you’re left with Christmas decorations to take down and garbage to dispose of? And don’t forget – your live Christmas tree isn’t one of those décor items you can simply put in a garbage bag and leave on the curb.

A must-do practice that will save you money from unnecessary spending, as well as preserve memories, is to remove and keep all Christmas tree ornaments that you can still utilize for the following year’s holidays. So now, what to do with the tree?

Before your Christmas tree dries out and becomes a waste management concern in your living room, check out this article for some Christmas tree disposal ideas!

1. Do-It-Yourself Crafting Projects

Do It Yourself Crafting Projects - Fairfield County Dumpster Rental Sairfield CT

Believe it or not, even if the holidays are over, the tree still has a lot of uses, and household recycling through Do-It-Yourself projects ignites that creative muscle. Below are some crafts to consider:

Coasters. Want to add a decorative touch to your table setting so you can enjoy hot drinks without worrying about spills? Then turn the tree trunk into adorable coasters! Just cut, sand down, seal, wipe clean, and voila – your coaster is ready!

Pot Feet. Create plant pot risers to display your indoor or outdoor plants while preventing large, heavy pots from scratching and marking surfaces. Just saw the trunk into at least 2 to 4 inches rounds, and shape as desired.

Place Card Holders. Want to make dinner gatherings feel extra? Cut the tree trunk 1 ½ inch and then saw ¼ inch cut into the top. Add some design on your card, place them and you’re all set.

Potpourri Pot. Who doesn’t want their home to smell amazing? Make a fabulous potpourri from the aroma of your tree’s needles mixed with your favorite spices. You only need small clippings to cook a wonderfully made all-natural air freshener.

Gnomes. A pile of twigs from your Christmas tree can be transformed into quaintly artistic garden gnomes when you’re in an inventive mood.

These aesthetic crafts are not only fantastic for their rustic uniqueness and usefulness, but you can also give them as presents or sell them at a reasonable price. The sky’s the limit when your creativity is at work!

2. Mulch the Needles

Mulch the Needles - Fairfield County Dumpster Rental Fairfield, CT

Crafting is a great way to maximize your time and indulge in creativity. However, if you need more time, mulching the tree spikes to help your garden be healthy is another way to go. Pine needles lock in moisture when used as mulch, offering protection from harsh weather conditions. Cut off the boughs and spread a layer on your garden beds to turn the tree spikes into mulch.

3. Bird Feeder and Shelter

Bird Feeder and Shelter - Fairfield County Dumpster Rental Fairfield, CT

What better way to give back to nature than return the tree to its natural state? During the winter, your tree can serve as a food source for birds. Soon after, expect your old Christmas tree to become a bird sanctuary.

4. Fish Food and Reserve

Fish Food and Reserve Fairfield County Dumpster Rentals Fairfield CT.jpg

If birds aren’t your thing, you can look for nearby fish habitats like ponds or lakes. When you submerge the tree in a body of water, it transforms into a fish reserve. As the tree decomposes, algae forms, feeding the fish and providing cover from predators.

However, before returning the tree to the wildlife, check first with your local natural resources authority to see if it is legal to stick or sink your Christmas tree in a body of water near you.

5. Look for Dumpster Rental Services

Look for Dumpster Rental Services - Fairfield County Dumpster Rental Fairfield, CT

If you don’t seem to be interested in the above options or they don’t fit well with your busy schedule, you can always opt to hire a waste management company in your area that provides garbage disposal services. If you’re in Fairfield, CT, area, you have Fairfield County Dumpster Rentals to call for help if you want to dispose of your Christmas tree quickly and thoroughly. With their help, you can be assured of a professional and affordable disposal service, not only for your Christmas tree but also for all of your holiday trash.

Affordable Christmas Tree Disposal in Danbury, CT

Affordable Christmas Tree Disposal in Danbury, CT - Fairfield County Dumpster Rental Fairfield, CT

When the holiday is over, and you need to dispose of your Christmas tree and other decor, be sure to hop on a call with Fairfield County Dumpster Rental – the premier dumpster rental service provider in Danbury, CT, and its nearby towns.

We have various dumpster sizes to meet your garbage disposal needs, and we even offer Christmas tree pick-up in Danbury, CT. To know what sizes are available, how long you can keep the dumpsters, or any inquiries you have, give us a call. We will bring you one of our dumpsters at an affordable price!

We are always available for dumpster rental and junk removal in Fairfield County, Connecticut, whether you need it for residential or commercial use. Call us today at 203-902-0082 to discuss how we can dispose of your Christmas tree!

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