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8 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is an excellent way to dispose of all your waste. Whether you have a construction project or home remodeling – dumpster services will save you from spending too much disposal costs. 

To alleviate any risks when investing in a dumpster rental, one must learn how to effectively coordinate with the company. Renters face problems like increased costs when the dumpster gets overfilled or when waste removal exceeds what is expected. To avoid going over budget or possible damage to your property, ask these questions below before coordinating with your next dumpster rental. 

What is the weight allowance of the dumpster?

Roll-off dumpster services have their specific weight limit. You will have to pay additional charges once you exceed this limit. The weight allowance may vary from company to company. Still, it is essential to know how much your materials weigh before paying for the dumpster rental. Just to be sure, you might want to consider renting a higher-capacity dumpster if you don’t know the exact weight of your materials. 

What is the flat rate price?

Most rental companies offer flat-rate pricing. There is a flat rate that covers pick up, delivery, and various other taxes. Other less reputable dumpster companies may have hidden charges on fuel, so be wary of these extra costs. Keep in mind that the flat rate is what you have to pay for unless you overload the dumpster and/or fail to return it on time. 

When will the dumpster be dropped off?

The waste removal industry follows a standard practice of providing a delivery day for renters. If you rent the dumpster at a specific time, the best thing you can do to ensure it is there when you need it is to have the container delivered a day before. The availability of the dumpster varies, and this may not be ideal for some customers. Be sure to understand the company’s delivery policy before renting a dumpster.

What if I exceed the rental period?

Waste removal companies have an average rental period of 10 days. Others may offer more or less of the average rental period. It is essential to be sure of the company’s rental period, especially when you have an extensive waste removal project. If you go beyond the agreed rental period, it should be around $10-$12 per day. 

Will I need to be around for the delivery and pick up?

Rental companies do not usually require their customers to be around the pick-up or delivery of the dumpster. However, some rental services may charge you $100 if you are absent during the delivery. To avoid these hassles, pick a dumpster provider that can pick up and deliver the container with or without your presence.

Are there any non-hazardous prohibited materials?

It is necessary to know the dumpster rental’s prohibited materials and compare them with what you have to dispose of. Some people attempt to throw prohibited items, and more often than not, they get caught. Not only it breaks your wallet, but putting restricted materials on a dumpster is terrible for the environment. 

Do I have to schedule dumpster pick up?

Most dumpster companies require their customers to have a pick-up schedule. Having a pick-up schedule will give customers the time they need to remove their unwanted materials. Inform the dumpster company if you wish to schedule a pick-up. 

8 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Dumpster

Are empty and return services offered?

If there is one thing we are all guilty of is that we underestimate the amount of waste we have. Whether you’re developing a backyard, re-shingling, or renovating a kitchen, you’ll end up with more junk than you can imagine. Dumpster rental services are especially necessary for scenarios like these. They keep a project on track and minimize overage charges. 

Fairfield County Dumpster Rental 

If you need to rent a dumpster, call us at Fairfield Dumpster Rental. If you have a home remodeling project, a dumpster can surely come in handy. It is one of the most efficient things you can do when a project is currently in the process. We offer budget-friendly rental options because we believe that you don’t have to break your budget to keep your home clean. Contact us today!

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